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Bureau of Diplomatic Security. Some federal agencies might have additional investigative or adjudicative requirements that must be met prior to their accepting a clearance granted by another agency. For assistance with background investigations being conducted by a federal agency other than the Department of State, please contact that agency directly. Please note that we are only able to release information about the status of an investigation directly to the subject of a Department of State investigation or the hiring authority. Skip to content State Department Home. Anti-Corruption and Transparency. Arms Control and Nonproliferation.

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A security clearance is a status granted to individuals allowing them access to classified information. Those trying to get a clearance may have questions such as how does one go about attaining a clearance? And, what are the different levels? As well as other questions. This area will allow those that have clearances offer advice and suggestions to those inquiring about clearances or upgrading their clearances.

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Despite his long history of service on behalf of the US government, there was growing suspicion of Oppenheimer by the early s. The physicist had several Communist acquaintances dating back to the s, and had implicated some of his friends as Soviet agents during an inquiry back in testimony which he later admitted was “a tissue of lies”. His outspoken opposition to the development of the hydrogen bomb-accomplished on November 1, did little to allay suspicions, and the AEC was compiling a mounting file of Oppenheimer’s alleged questionable activities.

Oppenheimer’s troubles were further exacerbated by the onset of the McCarthy Era. A key component of the Republican Party platform in was the need to rid the Federal Government of “subversives” who had supposedly infiltrated the system, along with an overhaul of loyalty and security programs. Senator Joseph McCarthy’s call for a tough anti-Communist drive at that year’s convention received a standing ovation.

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Lindy Kyzer. When someone obtains a security clearance, the government is making a decision to allow that person access to classified information. But qualifying for a clearance goes beyond just a single individual.

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How long does the national security eligibility process take? security clearance eligibility levels are: overturned at a later date if you concealed relevant.

In October , the Office of the Director of National Intelligence ODNI took an initial step to implement continuous evaluation—a process to review the background of clearance holders and individuals in sensitive positions at any time during the eligibility period—across the executive branch, but it has not yet determined key aspects of the program, and it lacks plans for implementing, monitoring, and measuring program performance.

For the first phase, agencies are to conduct certain continuous evaluation record checks against a portion of their national security population by the end of fiscal year However, ODNI has not formalized its policy on what continuous evaluation encompasses, determined what the future phases will entail or when they will occur, or developed an implementation plan. According to all seven agencies GAO interviewed, this uncertainty has affected their ability to plan for the program and estimate its costs.

Without a continuous evaluation policy and a fully developed plan, full implementation—which has been delayed since —may be further delayed. Moreover, ODNI lacks a plan to monitor and measure program performance, including for the first phase, which is underway. Without developing such a plan, ODNI cannot ensure that the program is being implemented consistently across the executive branch or that it is effectively identifying risks to national security.

The future of continuous evaluation is just about here, and it has a different name

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to assess your DOE access authorization (security clearance) eligibility. Beginning Date of Marriage/Cohabitation: 8. Date of Birth of Spouse/Cohabitant: 9.

As a partner with the United States government and military, the majority of jobs at Northrop Grumman require the individual to acquire and maintain a security clearance. Security clearances are used to certify that someone can be trusted with sensitive information. They are granted by the government and are used for specific purposes. In addition to clearances, individuals may be granted additional access for special compartmented information SCI or a special access program SAP.

If you currently hold a clearance at your present employer or through the military, it may be transferable to Northrop Grumman. Clearances are typically transferable for a two-year period from the date of debrief. Please notify the Talent Acquisition representative handling your application if you hold a current DoD clearance. If you do not hold a security clearance, you will be required to go through a background check before being granted a clearance.

You will be asked to complete an Electronic Personnel Security questionnaire that contains information regarding your family and questions about your personal background. Your digital footprint may be considered during the course of a background investigation. Here are a few steps you should consider taking before applying for a security clearance:. This process is not designed to select perfect people, but rather those people that exhibit high standards of honesty and integrity.

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A security clearance is a status granted to individuals allowing them access to classified investigation. Those trying to get a clearance can have questions such as how does one go about attaining a clearance? And, what are the dual levels?

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How to Know When Your Security Clearance Expires