‘American Idol’s Lauren Alaina on success: ‘I’ve had to grow up’

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American Idol’s Scotty McCreery on Dating Rumors: Lauren and I Sound Great Together

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Of course, Alaina was the runner-up to Scotty McCreery on American Idol’s 10th season. Lauren Alaina is still creating big musical moments, like.

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‘American Idol’ Scotty McCreery: Lauren Alaina and I aren’t dating

Contact Us. Houston Rockets. Scotty McCreery will have more than midterms and prom dates on his mind. As winner of American Idol ‘s season 10, the North Carolina crooner already has his eye on his next milestone: moving to Nashville. Backstage after the show, McCreery, 17, spoke to reporters about his pal and runner-up Lauren Alaina and how he has changed because of the reality show.

What went through your mind when they called your name?

Thanks to Lady Gaga’s arrival, year-to-date album sales are up %—the first time album 12, “American Idol” winner Scotty McCreery’s “American Idol Season 10” digital hits McCreery—and second-place finisher Lauren Alaina—​are.

Scotty McCreery is the new “American Idol,” following a path recently laid to rest by the likes of Kris Allen and Lee DeWyze, two splendidly anonymous names in the annals of American music or even the annals of American ka-ching. Once we move past the feelings of those who believe that McCreery is the second coming of their first date, let us consider what mathematicians might make of this result.

The Tuesday evening performance face-off was the lowest-rated “American Idol” finale in the 18 to 49 “adult” demographic in the show’s history, although it was competing against a “Dancing with the Stars” finale. Yet million votes were allegedly cast by those who simply had to exercise their democratic right to decide between one teenage country singer and another teenage country singer. And, you didn’t need to be 18 to vote in this election. What would America have decided at the last election if everyone had the opportunity to cast up to 50 votes online?

In order to mask the essential skewing and narrowing of the voting public, the Idol producers decided, as usual, to persuade some musical greats to give it the credibility that the two sweet teeny finalists could not. After the obligatory and obligatorily disastrous group number featuring the 13 finalists doing something to a Lady Gaga song that had never been done before, we had the privilege of quickly witnessing such greats as Judas Priest, Gladys Knight and, um, Jack Black.

Black was there to add some humor as if it was needed to accompany the great but slightly wayward talent of Casey Abrams through a rendition of “Fat-Bottomed Girls. Suddenly, there was Beyonce singing backup for Pia Toscano and the rest of the girl finalists, all of whose names you might not have remembered.

‘American Idol’ Stars Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina Remain Coy on Dating Rumors [VIDEO]

Before the show, Alaina was a cheerleader. When she stepped into the national spotlight, the public and personal scrutiny intensified and thrust her into a years-long battle with an eating disorder. After the show, she went on the American Idol tour where she ate only calories a day and took injections in her legs in an effort to lose weight. That progressed to bulimia, which she managed to hide by also maintaining a lean diet and exercise regimen.

She quickly dropped 40 pounds. Alaina was forced to admit her illness during an office visit to treat polyps on her vocal cords.

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As soon as Scotty McCreery was named the Season 10 winner of American Idol , his mind shot back to where he was the last time a winner was named. It’s amazing what American Idol has helped me do. American Idol finale: And the Season 10 winner is Until host Ryan Seacrest actually read his name, the year-old North Carolina native said he thought Lauren Alaina had won after she powered through a damaged vocal chord on Tuesday. Alaina, 16, said the same thing about McCreery.

At the beginning of the episode, I was like, ‘Scotty, are you ready to win?

American Idol

Lauren Alaina finale? First, let’s say goodbye to Haley Reinhart, who — and you have admit — looked like she was going to rip off Ryan Seacrest’s tiny head when he announced the final spot was going to more bubbly Lauren Alaina. Haley, without question, was the show’s most intriguing contestant. Her gravely voice, mini outfits and edgy persona gave her the distinction of being this season’s most unlikely champion.

The Season 10 “American Idol” winner was also once thought to be dating his runner-up, Lauren Alaina, but he insists the two are just good.

Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina face off in a jam-packed season 10 finale. He has a lovely low voice and a unique grip on technology. That basketball, too. All types of balls. Go sports! We knew he would win, and he deserved it because the most people voted for him. Hooray for Scotty! Taste the confetti rainbow and see the glory of the world.

Have you seen them? They are such a mysterious species, these teens. Those are some solid facts. There were wind-machined divas. Movie stars stuffed into suits!

Scotty mccreery is he dating lauren alaina

There’s no doubt that Lauren Alaina was American Idol ‘s southern belle. Her sweet smile, commitment to her faith and charming accent captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands, but there always seemed to be an underlying buzz that she was a little dim upstairs. When we talked with Lauren the day after Idol ‘s grand finale, she took time to set the record straight on who she really is and shot down rumors that she’s an airhead. Lauren’s singing, spunky style and personality may have gotten her to the Idol finale, but it hasn’t earned her the respect of everyone.

Lauren Alaina is now engaged to her longtime boyfriend Alex Hopkins. Alaina and boyfriend Alex Hopkins have been dating for six years, since they were 17 tried to get her to date fellow season 10 alum Scotty McCreery.

Everyone pretty much expected Scotty McCreery to win “American Idol” — after all, he’s got the voice of a seasoned pro close your eyes, and you’d think you were listening to George Strait, who is far, far older than the year-old singtestant. So that was a given. What was not expected: Runner-up Lauren Alaina planting a kiss on McCreery when the result was announced on last night’s finale.

Viewers immediately suspected a secret showmance: could these two sweet country teens be in love? And sadly, for all the diehard “Idol” romantics out there, not true. McCreery said so himself. In a victory press conference, he told reporters : “She’s a character, isn’t she? We’re really close friends.

Scotty McCreery Dating Lauren Alaina?

Scotty McCreery not only came out of ” American Idol ” as the winner, the country crooner may have also scored himself a girlfriend in the process. Just moments after McCreery took home the top prize on the FOX show’s 10th season, runnerup Lauren Alaina pulled him in for a hug and planted a kiss on his lips while the rest of America watched. Soon after the public smooch, year-old Alaina played coy with reporters when asked if she was dating the year-old singer.

I told them to ask you!

‘American Idol’ Stars Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina Remain Coy on Dating Rumors [VIDEO They’re tourmates and ‘American Idol’ alums — but are.

Just when you thought all the “Are they or aren’t they? Alaina posted a photo of her planting a big old smooch on McCreery’s cheek. But wait, that’s not all. This story gets even better. Former ‘Idol’ contestant Pia Toscano also plants a juicy kiss on McCreery’s other cheek in the picture. What a lucky guy, right? Winning ‘Idol’ obviously has its privileges besides fame, fortune, TV appearances, record deals and the adoration of millions of fans. Even the people you beat on the show still love you.

American Idol

We LOVE this show. It gives celebrities in need of spotlight some much needed extra attention. Kelly powering through a wardrobe malfunction for a perfect score is still so iconic. She may have been the first, but there have been 26 winners since. Will will be the 28th?

And after more than million votes, Scotty McCreery is our new Filed Under: american idol, dating, lauren alaina, scotty mccreary, young.

So now you know that despite the judges proclaiming that Lauren Alaina should be the winner, the viewers proclaimed it differently. When all the confetti had settled, Scotty was asked why the viewers picked him. He said, “It’s because I’m one of them. I was just a kid who was bagging groceries three months ago. What do you mean by that, Scotty? Anyway, all anybody wants to ask Scotty and Lauren about is their rumored romance.

When his name was announced, Lauren planted one right on Scotty’s lips. When she was asked about what she said to him in that intimate moment, she confessed, “I said, ‘I told you so’ and ‘I love you. What up with that, Scotty? We still are. DUH, Scotty. It’s because Lauren’s telling everybody that you love each other.

Lauren Alaina talks about Scotty McCreery and ‘American Idol’